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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Repurposed Headboard

It all started with this beautiful bench I recently
got after what seemed like
many weeks of layaway payments.
(so thrilled layaway still exists)

I have always planned on making
my own headboard 
out of MDF, batting, and material, but
when I had the idea
to repurpose the previous headboard I
had hanging in my other
home, I practically screamed in the aisles
of Home Depot. 
(I quickly left before purchasing the MDF)
For those who have followed my crafting experiences,
you know that over the last few years
I had six wooden frames made
from an IKEA kit and some fabric from Jo-Ann's
hanging above my bed. They made the perfect base
for my newly updated headboard.

I started by measuring the size 
of all six frames together.
I decided to leave the current material on the 
frames in case I wanted to 
go back to that colorful headboard, as well
as it also provided a stronger
base for my new headboard.

After ironing my material and
cutting down my batting, I placed all six frames
on top, being sure to center them.
I wanted to secure the six frames into one
piece, so I reinforced them by
stapling the frames to each other.
Next, I started stapling my material
 in the center of each side of the piece, pulling 
taut as I went around.
Then I stapled all the way down each edge.
Do your corners last, wrapping them
like a present, nice and flat.

Here is what it looks like after you're done stapling.

Last step, I added some nailhead trim
that I purchased from Beacon Fabric & Notions
in French Natural. Using a
nailhead trim kit makes the application
so much easier - you only have to hammer in
one nail for every five spaces, and you
can get an even, straight line. Brilliant!

I used a french cleat to hang my headboard. Very easy to use!

Altogether, this project took me about 2 hours.
I'm pretty ecstatic with my repurposed, charming headboard
that goes so well with my new bench.

Cost Breakdown:
Wooden frames: FREE (already had for a few years)
Batting 2 yards: $6
Material 2 yards: $8
Nailhead trim kit: $20
French Cleat: $7
Total Cost: $41
(and the best part is I still have over half of my nailhead trim left - do I hear another project calling!)
Hope you like it!



Jenn said...

Lovely, Jennifer!

Jennifer Macker said...

Thank you, Jenn! It was a fun makeover!

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